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Brand Identity

Do you have a logo? A great brand identity can attribute to your success, help with business cards and promotions.

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Website Planning

A website doesn't have to cost the earth for a start-up, initially you may only desire to have an online display of your offering, it can be developed as your business grows with endless possibilities. So what do you want to tell your customers about your business? How many pages do you need? Are you going to sell goods online? Or is your aim to just get enquiries for a service? Have you got all of your social media accounts set-up? Are you going to link to them from your website? Are you going to add a blog to your website?

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Knowing Your Customers

Do you know who your customers are? Their personas, what appeals to them, other interests they may have? Have you conducted any research to this effect? When planning out a website, you must think about your customers perspective. What do they want to see? Are you providing what they expect?

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Content Writing

You have decided on a menu for your website and all of the pages, now you need to think about the content of each page. What clear branding messages do you want to get across, all with the focus that you need a call to action. All valid, for your potential website visitors to; navigate through your website, join your mailing list, make an enquiry or even place an order.

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SEO Content Writing

Being found online via search engines is important and search engine optimisation is a vital consideration, when you are planning out your website. Not every web design company out there cares much for SEO, if you want to be found online and obtain organic visitors from the search engines - your on-page and technical SEO is of high importance. Midpoint Design offers SEO consultancy services to help you to establish your business online, in a channelled and effective way.

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Social Media

Get help with Social Media consultancy from our experts, in social media marketing. From account profile set-up to page creation, planning and posts.

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Simple solutions for complicated times

You have a start-up business, your funding is in place. Now, you need an online showcase of your services and capabilities, but one which is compatible for viewing on multiple devices, such as; a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

You may already have taken steps for your logo and promotional materials to be designed. If you have not quite got that far, it's no problem, we can assist you with branding.

Branding which suits the look and feel, you want, for your business for both print and online media. Contact Us for a call back to discuss branding.

It's a good idea to have a picture of how your website needs to be laid out, in terms of the pages you require and what the page content will be. You may even already have all your pages and wording and images ready to go. This is an important step, to get things right and save you time and money, on making future changes. It's all in the planning!

Next, we assist you with your website layout and style options, putting the entire idea together. From getting a domain name, corporate email addresses to getting your website built, tested, finalised and then launched, to become live online. This takes a good amount of communication between yourself and Midpoint Design's team.

You get to look at your website, as it goes through the creation stages, add input and request changes. Show some colleagues or friends and family to get an outside opinion of what they expect to find and what appeals to them and what does not. It is key to ensure you do not talk about how wonderful you are on your website but more in terms of what you can offer to your potential customers, they need to be able to see the benefits, of your products or services, in order for you to get their full attention and enable them to take action.

Once everything is ready, the final stage is to test the website, ensure everything works as it is designed to. Test out contact forms, to make sure enquiries come through to your email. Ensure your website renders properly on all devices. Do any final tweaks and set a launch date.

The big launch can then happen, so you can focus on online and offline promotion; results monitoring, track conversions and ensure you are achieving a ROI (Return on Investment). You want to be moving in the direction of business growth. Contact Us for a call back to discuss website building.

We love the phrase that a website without SEO is like having a billboard in the middle of the desert! It's so true, you can have an all singing, all dancing website but you need to be seen by marketing yourself online and this in itself is a full time job for an entire team.

Of course, we appreciate you are a start-up business and do not have thousands of pounds to invest at this stage. You just want to be online and start getting found, and this has to be done in a focused and organised way. The you can build on this so you rank organically in the search engines whilst cutting your overheads for advertising.

There is much technical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that needs to be added to the background coding of your website, the page loading speed needs checking, and SEO errors need auditing. On-page keyword placement must be correct, images are appropriately tagged, sized and compressed. External links are built which; are industry relevant, provide a high influence score and potential click-through rate back to your website. This allows a search engine to class you as an authority, in your industry, placing your website higher in the search results (amongst other factors).

SEO is an on-going effort, if you let it slip, your online presence will follow in the same direction. If you pay for backlinks and adopt anything other than white-hat techniques, you will suffer, if not the long run. Search engines algorithms get smarter and are updated regularly.

You also need to consider that when a visitor clicks through to your website, they find what they are expecting to see, or they will just leave. What you want is for visitors to stick around, read your content and to convert them into an enquiry or a paying customer/

Alternatively you can pay for Google AdWords, dependent on your industry and profitability, you need to have accountability for your conversions from those advertisments. Clicks need to turn into sales, which collectively, earns you a decent profit, on top of your advertising spend.

Midpoint Design offers start-up SEO consultancy, keyword research, monthly SEO services, SEO reporting services and analysis. You can take control of your own SEO with our help, or you can put it into our capable hands - it's your business, your decision! Contact Us for a call back to discuss SEO.

Social Media is a great leverage for website owners, you can drive traffic from your social following directly to your website, which is as an added way to obtain new business online from with a far audience reach.

How do you portray your business online socially? Depending if your focus is business to business or business to consumer, there are many social platforms out there which can work to your advantage. It does take a regular effort, our team can provide consultation on social engagement, for planning and growing your audiences.

It is also very useful for rolling our product launches, special offers or simply establishing your brand as a trusted industry expert. Contact Us for a call back to discuss Social Marketing.